Berzerk Studio hits a homerun, sort of…

April 25, 2010

The guys down at Berzerk Studio get a lot of sass for trying to make a little money off their games, but if there’s one thing good flash developers need, it’s finance to keep things going. Berzerk has an impressive lineup, including games like Hero Arms and the Mechanical Commando series, but their most recent work takes a new spin on the idea of “fan service” and places it in the realm of payback and irony. Homerun in Berzerk Land takes the mechanics of games such as, Toss the Turtle, and puts its own spin on it by making it a tribute to the idea of taking a bat, electric guitar, and yes; even a sword, to the backside of anyone that has left you a retarded comment before.

About to take this one home.

The game isn’t subtle about the message it’s trying to get across. As the geek waits for you to set up the distance and power of your hit, he mouths off in a very “na-na” fashion, using phrases that were actually pulled from the comments section from some of the games that Berzerk Studio has submitted in the past.

Bloody hell!

There’s no shortage of blood either, as you dole out punishment to your target; be it from a series of bee stings, rockets fired from a wandering mech, punches from a towering berzerker, or just from the hard ground waiting for him when his journey comes to an end. The game runs smoothly on the highest graphical quality, and the controls are easy to pick up right from the start. Upgrades as well as level ups from xp and cash gained after each serve help to raise the distance and pain you’ll be dishing out as the game goes on.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable experience, however, the game’s charm and appeal don’t last long. The entire thing becomes repetitive after a short amount of time. Nothing really changes as far as the structure of the game goes. You are given the option of using several different characters to take on the role of batter, and even unlock a few more as you gain distance, but other than that, the game lacks the depth and lasting enjoyment that Berzerk Studio’s other titles have. In the end, it’s a game worth trying, if only for the fun of knocking around a virtual representation of your most hated trolls, but you won’t be sticking around for long.

Find the game at:



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