Tacogaming is moving.

May 4, 2010

With a new name and a new host. While I absolutely love the set up of WordPress.com, I just don’t have the control over the layout that I need to make this the blog I’ve been planning for some time now. WordPress is a wonderful place, and at some point in my attempt to try and bring my dream to fruition I hope to make them a apart of it somehow. Unfortunately, that time isn’t now.

The new name of the site is Punch, Cry, Game. The reason I’m changing it is because “tacogaming” is sort of an inside joke between myself and a friend of mine. Inside jokes rarely ever make the best titles, with the exception of some rock bands. So I hope you’ll join me at the new site. I certainly believe you’ll like the new look, and hope you’ll look to Punch, Cry, Game for your news and reviews about what’s going on in the world of flash and indie games.

The new site is: